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Grow with the Flow - together with other Business Women from April, 22 - 28 on Tenerife.

Surfing Women Tenerife

Surf & Grow with the Flow!

Learn to surf from & with great women.
Feel our unique vibes.
Get inspired and empowered.

Come to Surf & Grow with us!

"You cannot stop the waves of life, 
but you can learn to surf!"

Our Surf Philosophy:

Surf with Pleasure instead of Pressure!

  • We share the surfing experience in its original way: as a deep & meaningful play - for everyone.
  • We teach focused on feelings & intuition (and not on brain & thoughts).
  • We take time to support you with all your fears - because it`s important for us that you feel safe & well taken care of when you enter the water.

Learn to surf in a playful, safe & empowering atmosphere!

Our Surf Philosophy:

Grow through Surfing in your (Business-) Life!

  • Surfing holds so much wisdom for our lives.
  • We share this wisdom and important strategies how to cope with the waves of your daily life with you.
  • We support you in transferring your surf experiences into helpful insights to improve your daily work & life. 

Grow in a supportive, conscious and light atmosphere!

"The origins of Surfing in Polynesia made clear that it was a cultural practice of deep & meaningful play - for everyone."

Lauren L. Hill, Author of "She Surf: The Rise of Female Surfing"

About Us: Combining our Passions & Superpowers to Empower other Gorgeous Women

Christine Sing, Coach for the Waves of (Business-)Life

Consultant for Women & Companies

After having left her corporate career in Germany, Christine decided to follow her visions for a better world and became a Coach & Consultant for more Women in Leadership, Diversity & NewWork. (Learn more that here). 

Discovering the freedom of being a freelancer in 2019 she spends her winters on Tenerife ever since then.

In 2020 she started to learn surfing from Alex (one of the best teachers on this beach) and realized how much wisdom surfing is holding for our (Business-) Lives. Her mission is to spread her amazing Surf Philosophy to other women in order to empower them and help them to create themselves a more successful & fulfilling life. 

Alexandra Rinder, Coach for the Waves of the Ocean 

Pro Bodyboarderin & 2x APB World Champion

Having Austrian & German roots, Alexandra grew up on Tenerife and has been catching waves with her bodyboard since she was 8 years. 
Competing with the worlds best bodyboarders and winning her first world title in 2014, she managed to keep her playful and fun spirit in the water until today.
To surf with Alex is truly unique - she is a super powerful woman while at the same time being super light & fun in the water. She loves to share her unique vibe with other women and teaches in a very empowering, intuitive and fun way - contributing to bring power & ease into other women`s life.

Daniela Boldini, Coach for the Waves of the Street

Pro Surferin & Skaterin 

Growing up on Tenerife, Daniela startet surfing and skating when she was 6 years. Today she is one of the best Spanish surfers, travels to worldwide surf spots and does crazy tricks with her Surfskate.
Daniela likes to motivate and encourage people for sports. She is convinced that adventure is part of a healthy lifestyle and loves to share this vibe of adventure with other women.
Her passion is to give surf skate classes, where she introduces women into the wonderful feelings of sliding over the ground and helping them to improve their surf skills through skating. 

Our Partners: Anne & Oli and their Surf School FinsFirst

To surf you need not only cool instructors, but also good equipment and a great Surf School which provides all the facilities and light vibes.
That's why we team up with Anne & Oli, who recently made their dream come true and opened up their own Surf School on Tenerife.

  • Co-Owned by a great woman and an open-minded man and
  • a Start-up Surf School created with lots of love & passion -

that makes FinsFirst the perfect Surf School partner for us. 

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